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Welcome to the website of SUMO (SUrrogate MOdeling) Lab, which is part of the IDLab research group of the Department of Information Technology (INTEC) at Ghent University - imec.

Surrogate models - What?

Surrogate models are fast-running approximations of complex time-consuming computer simulations. Surrogate models are also known as response surface models (RSM), metamodels, proxy models or emulators. They mimic the complex behavior of the underlying simulation model. They bridge the gap between the numerical or experimental, and the analytical. Surrogate models are used for parametric studies, optimization, design-space exploration, visualization, prototyping, uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis.

Application areas include operations research, network simulation, Electronic Design Automation (EDA), ecological modelling, and many others.

Interesting links

  • ooDACE Toolbox - ooDACE Matlab toolbox (object-oriented Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments)
  • Open positions - We are always looking for highly motivated PhD candidates or post-docs, in sciences and in engineering, that have a strong interest in Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Data Science, or one of our research topics.
    Our research area is highly multidisciplinary, and requires strong mathematical, physical and computer science knowledge.