New release - SUMO Toolbox 2018a

We are proud to release the SUMO Toolbox 2018a. This new release can be downloaded through the download page.

Besides the usual bug fixes there have been improvements to the new sensitivity analysis methods. Higher order Sobol indices are now supported (analytically and using Monte Carlo).

There is also a convenience function for quickly plotting a pie chart of the total Sobol indices of a model.

>> fig = model.plotSobolIndices()

fig =

1×6 graphics array


  • Added support sensitivity analysis
    • Monte carlo Sobol indices and derivatied-based measures
    • Analytical derivations are implemented for Kriging, GPML, LS-SVM
  • Added SensitivityCrossValidation
    • Calculates the error on the sensitivity indices
  • Added higher order Sobol indices for LSSVM, Kriging and Gaussian process models
  • Added Sobol plot function for the total Sobol indices (as pie chart)
    • model.plotSobolIndices()
  • Fixed export model of the Kriging model for higher dimensions
  • Fixed crash with intelligent restart strategy for the model parameters if the Statistics toolbox was missing