SUMO Toolbox 2015a - Known bugs

Since the release of the SUMO Toolbox 2015a we discovered a couple of bugs which arise on rare occasions. These bugs will be fixed for the next version of the SUMO Toolbox. However if you happen to come across one of them please let us know through the contact form so we can send you a quick fix.

  • Matlab 2015a with no distributed computing toolbox: Plotting of SUMO models is broken:
    • Solution: disable plotting in the xml file (plotModels="off"). If you rely on plotting, contact us for a fixed version of the plotting code.
  • Matlab 2015a: The layout of the window is a bit off and the radio buttons are missing for browsing through other dimensions:
    • Solution: use the sliceContourPlot(1, myModel) function to create plots upto 6D
  • All Matlab versions: DatasetDesign does not work when loading data sets where the output value(s) is not available (hasOutputs="no")