The SUMO toolbox  2018a
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Package iminds.sumo.profiler


interface  ChangeEventListener
enum  ChartType
 This class maintains a list of possible ways profiler data may be plotted/visualized. More...
class  DockableHandler
class  DockedView
class  DockedViewHandler
class  FilteredListModel
class  JFreeChartBuilder
 A helper class for generating charts.
class  OutputHandler
class  Profiler
 This class can be seen as a logger class for numeric data in tuple form (like java.util.logging is for text messages) More...
class  ProfileRecord< Type >
 A simple profile record holding a tuple of numeric data. More...
class  ProfilerManager
 This class creates and manages all the Profilers. More...
class  ToChartsHandler
 This class contains all basic functions that an outputhandler which needs charts should support.
class  ToFileHandler
 Saves profiled data to a text file. More...
class  ToImageHandler
 This outputhandlers dumps it's jcharted image to a png file. More...
class  ToJTableHandler
class  ToPanelHandler