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 CAbstractSampleQueueManagerThis class manages input, output and pending queues for samples that need to be evaluated or have been evaluated
 CBasicGaussianProcessA kriging surrogate model (also known as a Gaussian Process)
 CCandidateGeneratorAn abstract class that provides an easy and convenient interface for generating candidates, either by subclassing from this one, or by just calling it directly, through a function
 CCandidateRankerAn interface that allows the object to score a set of candidates according to its own system
 CComplexComplex implements a complex number and defines complex arithmetic and mathematical functions
 CConfigUtilA class with configuration related helper functions
 CConstraintAbstract base class representing a constraint
 CContextConfigAn important class that holds globally important configuration information and plays a large role in bootstrapping the toolbox
 CDataModifierA DataModifier modifies data coming from a simulator, for example introducing noise, or taking the log
 CDataSourceInterface to an entity that is able to evaluate sample points
 CDegreesConstruct a degree class
 CDistributedBackendThis class is a baseclass for all distributed resource backends
 CEvaluationUnit.EvaluationStateThe EvaluationState includes all the different states a unit can be in: EVALUATED: The point was evaluated correctly
 CEvaluationUnitAn evaluation unit encapsulate a sample point for evaluation
 CExtinctionPreventionA helper class that takes a the current population, compares it with the previous population and ensures that the current population contains at least minCount individuals of each model type (copying them over from the previous population)
 CInitialDesignBase class for all initial design generators
 CJobThis class represents the typical distributed Job
 CLevelPlotThe class holds the data necessary to generate LevelPlots
 CMeasureAbstract base class for a measure
 CMergeCriterionImplement this interface if you want to be able to select a set of samples that have to be evaluated from a set of candidates, based on one or more rankings provided by other objects
 CModelBuilderAdaptive model builder base class
 CModelFactoryBase class for all model factories
 CModelInterfaceThe model interface provides the set of abstract functions that must be supported by any model, be it real or wrapper
 CObservableAn Observable is an object that is able to extract model parameter values from a model so they can be monitored (plotted) during the modeling process
 COptimizerAbstract base class for an optimizer
 COutputDescriptionClass that describes one input dimension This object represents a task for the DataSource: for each given set of input parameters, the DataSource has to calculate the output parameters
 CPair< A, B >
 CParetoFrontUpdates the cells (integral bounds) for the pareto front
 CProfilerManagerThis class creates and manages all the Profilers
 CResultProcessorAn instance of this class is able to handle finished polled results
 CSampleManagerThis class processes new samples and stores them, so that they can later be requested in both simulator and toolbox space
 CSampleRankerRanks existing samples
 CSequentialDesignAn abstract base class for every SequentialDesign
 CSequentialDesignTypesEnumeration class to represent whether a sequential design is input, output or model based
 CSobolHelper class to estimate sobol indices (any order)
 CSSHWrapperA wrapper class for all kinds of shell commands that need to be executed on a remote host over ssh
 CSUMOThe main class of the SUMO Toolbox
 CTestCaseThis object defines a test case for the unit testing framework
 CTestEngineRuns test cases (regression tests)
 CToFileHandlerSaves profiled data to a text file
 CToImageHandlerThis outputhandlers dumps it's jcharted image to a png file
 CTriple< A, B, C >A simple class representing a tuple of size 3
 CValidatorThis class validates if the toolbox is used within the limits of the license