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generateMovie.m File Reference


function generateMovie (var model, var outputFile, var numSlices, var framesPerSecond, var varyAxis, var outputIndex, var options)
 Create a movie of slices from a model with 3 inputs and n outputs, on the input interval [-1,1]. More...

Detailed Description

SUMO Lab Team
Copyright 2006-2018

This file is part of the Surrogate Modeling Toolbox ("SUMO Toolbox") and you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 as published by the Free Software Foundation. With the additional provision that a commercial license must be purchased if the SUMO Toolbox is used, modified, or extended in a commercial setting. For details see the included LICENSE.txt file. When referring to the SUMO Toolbox please make reference to the corresponding publication:

Contact : - Signature generateMovie(model, outputFile, numSlices, framesPerSecond, varyAxis, outputIndex, options)

Function Documentation

function generateMovie ( var  model,
var  outputFile,
var  numSlices,
var  framesPerSecond,
var  varyAxis,
var  outputIndex,
var  options 

Create a movie of slices from a model with 3 inputs and n outputs, on the input interval [-1,1].

Only one of the outputs is plotted, specified by outputIndex. A subfolder named slices will be created in the directory where the movie must be saved. In that subdirectory the generated slices will be stored as png files. The value of the varying axis will be appended to the title of each slice. NOTE: existing png files in the slices subdirectory will be deleted!

modelthe model to generate slices from (3 dimensional input, n dimensional output)
outputFilefile location to save the movie to
numSlicesnumber of slices to generate over the interval
framesPerSecondnumber of frames per second in the movie
varyAxisthe axis index of the model to variate over the different slices
outputIndexindex of the output dimension to plot (ignored if output is 1D, defaults to 1)
optionsplot options (to pass to plotScatteredData)