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ProfilerManager Class Reference

This class creates and manages all the Profilers. More...

Detailed Description

This class creates and manages all the Profilers.

This class contains of a number of static It also applies settings from the configfile to the accurate profiles

PROFILER MANUAL ------------—

Note: Profilers only work at the run level, it ain't possible to put results of different runs in one profiler.

A. INPUT The first step is to create a profiler and set up its columns

import iminds.sumo.profiler.* profiler = ProfilerManager.getProfiler('<profilername>'); profiler.setDescription('<desc>'); profiler.addColumn('<columnname1>', '<columndescription1>'); profiler.addColumn('<columnname2>', '<columndescription2>'); ... The description is optional.

After the profiler has been setup, filling it up with data can be done in a few ways: 1. profiler.addEntry([<value1>, <value2>, ...]); this adds a new row to the table and fills it up with data specified in the arguments

B. OUTPUT Writing profiled data to the output handlers through the config file:

Config example: <Profiling> <Profiler name="testProfiler" enabled="true"> <Output type="toFile"> <Output type="toImage"> <Option key="filenamePrefix" value="testP"> <Option key="columns" value="0,1"> </Output> <Output type="toPanel"> </Profiler> </Profiling>

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