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MatlabDirectDataSource Class Reference

A fast data source for Matlab functions which doesn't use java code. More...

Inheritance diagram for MatlabDirectDataSource:
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Public Member Functions

function MatlabDirectDataSource (var config)
function submitSamplesForEvaluation (var samplePointsIn)
function fetchEvaluatedSample ()
function cleanup ()
function getStatus ()
function getNumPendingSamples ()
function getNumEvaluatedSamples ()
function getAverageEvaluationTime ()

Public Attributes

var samplePoints
 samplePoints queue (for submission) More...
var samplePointsFinished
 samplePoints queue (returned) More...
var fScript
 function handle to Matlab function More...
var fBatchMode
var fBatchSize
var fProjectDir
var inSimDim
 input dimensions More...
var outSimDim
 simulator output dimension More...
var hasOptions
var simOptions
var isActive
var totalTime
var nrEvaluated
var logger

Detailed Description

A fast data source for Matlab functions which doesn't use java code.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

function MatlabDirectDataSource ( var  config)

Member Function Documentation

function cleanup ( )
function fetchEvaluatedSample ( )
function getAverageEvaluationTime ( )
function getNumEvaluatedSamples ( )
function getNumPendingSamples ( )
function getStatus ( )
function submitSamplesForEvaluation ( var  samplePointsIn)

Member Data Documentation

var fBatchMode
var fBatchSize
var fProjectDir
var fScript

function handle to Matlab function

var hasOptions
var inSimDim

input dimensions

var isActive
var logger
var nrEvaluated
var outSimDim

simulator output dimension

var samplePoints

samplePoints queue (for submission)

var samplePointsFinished

samplePoints queue (returned)

var simOptions
var totalTime

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