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DelaunayCandidateGenerator Class Reference

Generates samples based on a Delaunay triangulation. More...

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Public Member Functions

function DelaunayCandidateGenerator (var varargin)
 Class constructor. More...
function generateCandidates (var state)
 Generates candidate samples. More...
function getType ()

Public Attributes

var midPoints
var randomPoints
var nRandomPoints
var executeFunctionHandle
var functionHandle

Detailed Description

Generates samples based on a Delaunay triangulation.

Generates a set of candidate samples at the centroids of all the simplices of the delaunay triangulation of the samples. Also adds the mapping of candidates to simplices to the state. In addition halfway points (midpoints) and random points for each simplex can be generated as well. Random points are always generated together with midpoints.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

function DelaunayCandidateGenerator ( var  varargin)

Class constructor.

instance of the class

Member Function Documentation

function generateCandidates ( var  state)

Generates candidate samples.

statestruct of sampling state
Return values
statesampling state (might be modified)
candidatesmatrix of candidate points
function getType ( )

Member Data Documentation

var executeFunctionHandle
var functionHandle
var midPoints
var nRandomPoints
var randomPoints

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