The SUMO toolbox  2018a
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SUMODriver.m File Reference


function SUMODriver (var configFile, var samples, var values, var options, var runFilter)
 The main entry point to call the SUMO Toolbox programmatically. More...
function pause (var 3)
function flattenRuns (var fullConfig)
function getPlanLevelConfig (var fullConfig)
function getNumberOfRuns (var fullConfig)
function error (var msg)
function length (var runFilter)
function cell (var numRuns, var 1)
function getRunLevelConfig (var fullConfig, var runCtr)
function updateConfig (var planConfig, var runConfig)
function resetOutputDirectory ()
function getContextConfigInstance (var fullConfig, var mergedConfig, var runCtr)
function setupParallelMode ()
function setParallelMode (var false)
function getInputConfig ()
function getOutputConfig ()
function Config ()
function addpath (var projectDirPath)
function getOutputDescriptions ()
function info (var outputDesc)
function struct ()
function resolveReference (var fullConfig, var name, var id)
function combineComponents (var nodes, var config)
 When combineOutputs is set to on in the config, multiple instances of the same object for different outputs are combined as one, and only one object of that type is instantiated. More...
function setObjects (var SUMOobj, var components)
function runLoop (var SUMOobj, var samples, var values)
function etime (var clock, var startRunTime)
function rmpath (var projectDirPath)
function stopDataSource (var SUMOobj)
function cleanup ()
function logError (var ME)
function tearDownParallelMode ()
 Make sure all parallel resources are freed. More...
function cleanup (var ctxt, var sumoObj)

Detailed Description

SUMO Lab Team
Copyright 2006-2018

This file is part of the Surrogate Modeling Toolbox ("SUMO Toolbox") and you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 as published by the Free Software Foundation. With the additional provision that a commercial license must be purchased if the SUMO Toolbox is used, modified, or extended in a commercial setting. For details see the included LICENSE.txt file. When referring to the SUMO Toolbox please make reference to the corresponding publication:

Contact : - Signature [models, outputDirs, errorInfo] = SUMODriver(configFile, samples, values, options, runFilter)

Function Documentation

function addpath ( var  projectDirPath)
function cell ( var  numRuns,
var  1 
function cleanup ( )
function cleanup ( var  ctxt,
var  sumoObj 
function combineComponents ( var  nodes,
var  oldConfig 

When combineOutputs is set to on in the config, multiple instances of the same object for different outputs are combined as one, and only one object of that type is instantiated.

function Config ( )
function error ( var  msg)
function etime ( var  clock,
var  startRunTime 
function flattenRuns ( var  fullConfig)
function getContextConfigInstance ( var  fullConfig,
var  mergedConfig,
var  runCtr 
function getInputConfig ( )
function getNumberOfRuns ( var  fullConfig)
function getOutputConfig ( )
function getOutputDescriptions ( )
function getPlanLevelConfig ( var  fullConfig)
function getRunLevelConfig ( var  fullConfig,
var  runCtr 
function info ( var  outputDesc)
function length ( var  runFilter)
function logError ( var  ME)
function pause ( var  3)
function resetOutputDirectory ( )
function resolveReference ( var  fullConfig,
var  name,
var  id 
function rmpath ( var  projectDirPath)
function runLoop ( var  SUMOobj,
var  samples,
var  values 
function setObjects ( var  SUMOobj,
var  components 
function setParallelMode ( var  false)
function setupParallelMode ( )
function stopDataSource ( var  SUMOobj)
function struct ( )
function SUMODriver ( var  configFile,
var  samples,
var  values,
var  options,
var  runFilter 

The main entry point to call the SUMO Toolbox programmatically.

Example: "[surrogateModel outputDir] = SUMODriver('MyConfigFile.xml',xValues, yValues, options, runFilter)"

With options a cell array containing one or more of: "-merge" : merge MyConfigFile.xml with the default configuration

The runFilter parameter is a number or vector (with range [1 numRuns]) that specifies which runs to execute

NB: the default configuration file is /path/to/SUMO/config/default.xml

function tearDownParallelMode ( )

Make sure all parallel resources are freed.

function updateConfig ( var  planConfig,
var  runConfig